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Travel Grants

The Bialowieza Ecology Conference offers travel grants on a competitive basis to support students or individuals facing financial constraints. Eligible applicants must have had their presentations accepted prior to applying for the travel grant. These grants are intended to facilitate participation by individuals who would otherwise encounter difficulties attending. Priority is given to individuals from low-income countries, and early-stage graduate students. Faculty members or other senior research personnel are ineligible to apply for this grant. The aim of this grant is to foster the exchange of scientific information and stimulate research interests.

Deadline of the travel grant application: 31.05.2024

Only participants with an accepted presentation are eligible to apply for a travel grant.
Priority would be given to participants whose home institutions are situated in Ukraine and low-income countries, as defined by countries other than those classified as high income according to the World Bank. This includes students, Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, or other recent Ph.D. holders in temporary positions that offer minimal institutional support for travels and participation in conferences.

The grant partially covers the financial expenses related to travel, including costs associated with bus, train, flight, or any other public transportation, to the conference and back to the participant’s home country. However, the grant does not cover accommodation or food costs.

NOTE: For participants applying from countries requiring a visa to attend the conference, the travel grant does not cover visa costs. These costs are the responsibility of the participant or the participant’s home institution. We can only provide a letter confirming your acceptance to the conference and, if successful in your application, details regarding the travel grant and its coverage.

Application Review:
All applications are assessed on a competitive basis, and the funding decision made by the committee will be considered final. No feedback or comments will be provided. If successful, you will receive an email from regarding your application and further details about the grant will be provided.

Award distribution:
Upon successful evaluation of your travel grant application, you will be notified via email. 

How to apply:
The deadline for submitting the travel grant application is  31.05.2024.

Provide the following details to

  • Name: [Your Name]
  • Affiliation: [Your Affiliation]
  • Country: [Your Country]
  • Student Status: [Yes/No]
  • Latest Diploma: [Your Latest Diploma]
  • Year of Diploma: [Year Obtained]
  • Title of Accepted Abstract: [Title of Your Abstract]
  • Distance of Travel: [Approximate Distance of Travel]
  • Mode of Transportation: [Mode of Transportation]
  • Estimated Travel Cost: [Estimated Price of Travel]
  • Briefly state the reasons why you would be eligible for a travel grant (150 words max.):[In this section, briefly outline your reasons for applying for the travel grant.]

Non-discrimination policy:
The Białowieża Ecology Conference adheres to the principle of providing equal access to programs, facilities,  and services, irrespective of personal characteristics unrelated to ability, performance, or qualifications, as determined by applicable laws.