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Post-conference excursion to Biebrza National Park

Optional, not included in the conference fee, cost 45 €

We propose a one-day trip to the Biebrza national park (departure from Białowieża by bus in the morning and return in the evening).

Biebrza National Park is the largest national park in Poland and protects Central Europe’s largest area of natural wetlands. The most valuable assets of the Park are the wide valley of the naturally strongly meandering Biebrza River, with the largest complex of bogs. Together with the unique mosaic and zonation of wetland habitats, as well as extensive agriculture, rare, endangered nationally and European threatened species of plants, birds and other animals have been preserved here.  Characteristic of the Biebrza National Park are the extensive landscapes, ecosystems and habitats that elsewhere have already been irretrievably destroyed, as a result of land melioration, draining of marshes and bogs. 

Strict reserve excursions

Included in the conference fee.

We will offer the possibility of morning excursions to the strictly protected area of the National Park every morning during conference days (from Monday to Friday). During the walk through the natural forests, participants will learn about species and age structure of primaeval old growths, forest associations, species biodiversity, regeneration of trees, and the role of deadwood. History of forest protection and contemporary scientific exploration of the National Park will be briefly presented. During the excursion, participants will have a chance to observe birds, other animals and their tracks, as well as some processes operating among the fauna and flora. The walk lasts 3-4 hours (around 6 km) with a low difficulty level, but you will need good walking shoes.

Białowieża National Park’s Strict Nature Reserve is the central part of the Białowieża Primaeval Forest and covers an area of 60 square metres. It protects the best preserved fragment of last natural forest in the European Lowland Area. Since the end of the last ice age, some 11,000 years ago, natural processes alone have been shaping this part of the forest. It has been protected as a National Park since 1931 and since then the entry to the area is highly restricted, only scientists and tourists accompanied with a guide can enter.

Bonfire banquet

Optional, included in the conference fee (you need to register!)
For Thursday evening we are offering a bit of a different social event. To have a real village experience, we will gather at the bonfire place in Karczma Biesiadna (garden of Białowieski Hotel You will have a unique opportunity to experience the traditional way of socialising with traditional food, live music and locally brewed beer! Vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous menus will be offered.