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Student prize

The Białowieża Ecology Conference offers two student prizes for the best poster and the best oral presentations on a competitive basis. These non-financial awards are intended to encourage the participation of early-stage graduate students as well as stimulate their research interests. Faculty members or other senior and postdoc research personnel are ineligible to apply for this prize. 


Only bachelor, master’s and Ph.D. students are eligible for the student prize competition.

Award evaluation and distribution:

All student presentations will be evaluated by a scientific committee during the conference, with the final decision made at the end of the conference. The student prizes will be presented after the closing keynote talk, with a diploma for the awarded students.

Non-discrimination policy:

The Białowieża Ecology Conference adheres to the principle of providing equal access to programs, facilities,  and services, irrespective of personal characteristics unrelated to ability, performance, or qualifications, as determined by applicable laws.